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Name: Thomas

Number: 1 type of vehicle: LB&SCR E2 Steam locomotive

Color: Blue
Style: Steam tank locomotive from the United Kingdom

Day of arrival: May 1915


Thomas is a little tank engine with six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, boiler, bunker and dome, a bright golden twin whistle, a bright golden number #1 on both sides of his tanks, and blue piant all over. Back before even Percy came to sodor, Thomas was the only tank engine on railway and therfore had to play within a very big important part with the express line at the hummungus Knapford Station on the Island of Sodor. He was the only engine on the railway suitable to shunted express coaches in the station so that the big engines Gordon, James, Henry, and Edward could take them on long journeys and pulled them out of the station so they could go and rest after a hard days worth of work so that way they would be able to be ready for yet again another hard working day for the day after.
Althoght he is a hard worker, Thomas was and still is also known to be a cheeky and fussy little engine too and loved to play tricks on the others. Often getting into scrapes usually by being over eager to do things best left to the bigger and more sensible of engines on the railway and while doing so would get into mishaps that would cause trouble. As for one time Henry grown ill and because of this wouldn't be able to pull his morning express train the next day. So to help his poor friend, Thomas decided to pull his express train while the workmen tried to mend Henry.

===== Unfortunitly for Thomas' impacience when he backed down on the train some how either the shunter forgot to couple Thomas up to the train. But Clouds never last in his world and will soon be bustling about. Playing his part in the yard & on his own branchline.=====


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